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WiFi Hotspot for Motels and Hotels

WiFi Hotspot for hotels and motels

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The GIS-R4 has been chosen to provide guest WiFi Internet by hotel and motels such as Holiday Inn Express®, Days Inn®, Comfort Suites®, and Quality Inn®.

The GIS-R4 was chosen for its low cost, simplicity of installation and reliability. The GIS-R4 throughput is adequate for up to 100 concurrent users and a throughput of 20 Mb/s.

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The GIS-R4 can generate up to 10,000 access codes for guests at any one time. In addition, access can also made via the disclaimer button when codes are not required.

An important feature of the GIS-R4 is the firewall that protects the back office computers from hackers connecting to the WiFi Hotspot when the public access shares the same DSL circuit. A second firewall also blocks file sharing programs preventing illegal downloads. Family friendly Web surfing is guaranteed by the GIS-R4 content filter.

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We began developing software for WiFi HotSpot management and billing in 2003, since then our client list has grown to include some of the biggest names in hospitality and resort management. Our current line-up of HotSpot gateways offers the most cost effective way of providing Internet access for guests. Read mode

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Please contact us about becoming a reseller if you think your customers would like our hotspot gateway products. We can also rebrand our products with your name and logo. Read mode

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