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Low cost and easy to install Wi-Fi Hotspot gateways

Guest Internet hotspot gateway products

Guest Internet's WiFi hotspot gateway products provide secure Internet access for 100 to 500 guests at any type of venue.

There are no additional costs. Software updates are free and there is no subscription or charge for technical support.

Guest Internet hotspot gateway ticket printer

Print Hotspot Tickets

Print codes for guests. Works with any gateway.


Facebook Login


Facebook can now be used to log in and use the Internet.

Guests can use their Facebook accounts to and the hotspot business with friends.

Some of our motel, hotel and restaurant customers

Guest Internet Hotspot Customers
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Need an Internet hotspot for one of these locations?
Bookstore Student dorms Bar
Shopping mall Church Public library
Internet kiosk Contractors office RV park
Trade show Municipal office Campground
Dental reception Flea market Truck stop
Medical clinic Event reception Visitor center
Attorney office Marina Music concert
Resort Bus station Gymnasium
Restaurant Train station Beauty salon
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About us

We began developing software for WiFi HotSpot management and billing in 2003, since then our client list has grown to include some of the biggest names in hospitality and resort management. Our current line-up of HotSpot gateways offers the most cost effective way of providing Internet access for guests. Read mode

Popular Products

GIS-K1 WiFi Hotspot
GIS-R2 Hotspot Gateway
GIS-R3 Hotspot Gateway
GIS-R6 Hotspot Gateway
GIS-TP1 Ticket Printer


Please contact us about becoming a reseller if you think your customers would like our hotspot gateway products. We can also rebrand our products with your name and logo. Read mode

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