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GIS-R4 Hotspot Gateway


The GIS-R4 Hotspot Gateway plugs into your current router and provides controlled access to the internet for up to 50 guests.

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Works with all internet connected devices!

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Login Page

Your guests are shown a custom login page, promoting your brand and giving information about your business.

The login page will allow your guests access to the internet using the following methods:



WAN: RJ-45 10/100
LAN: RJ-45 10/100

Dimensions and power
Enclosure:20cm x 12cm x 3cm
12v, 3 amp 110v/220v

1 year
Peer to Peer Blocking
Works with any Access Point
Fully customizable login page
Access Code login
Set bandwidth limits per user
Cloud Management
Data limits
Multi WAN - Load balancing and failover
Robust firewall
Facebook login
Email and data collection
Content filtering
The GIS-R4 Hotspot Gateway allows you to safely and securely share your internet connection with your guests.

You can also capture user data, promote your brand and offer promotions to your guests.

With a range of different login options, you can choose how you want to provide internet access.

Set time, data and bandwidth limits per user from any device connected to your network.

Basic 3-Step Setup Guide

1. Connect your GIS-R4 to your current router using the Ethernet cable provided and power up.

GIS-R4 Ports

2. Now, connect your computer, tablet or phone to the GIS-R4 either via Ethernet or wirelessly using an access point.

Wizard PageGIS-R4

3. Visit and follow the step-by-step wizard.

It's as simple as that.