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We Make Wi-Fi Hotspot Work Better

Hotspot Wi-Fi Device

Add our Hotspot gateway to improve your Wi-Fi Hotspot:

  •  •  Plug & play installation with easy to use wizard
  •  •  Display a login page with your logo and adverts
  •  •  Require use of individual or group login codes
  •  •  Credit card & PayPal billing and reporting
  •  •  Built-in firewall
  •  •  Illegal downloads and web sites can be blocked
  •  •  Speed control shares bandwidth
  •  •  Access can be blocked outside of business hours
  •  •  No extra charges or monthly fees

We offer a very simple and low cost way to add important features for any Wi-Fi Hotspot.

We make a range of products: from a 25 users product for a bar or restaurant, up to a 2000+ users product suitable for a large resort.

Product features have been designed to protect your business from the consequences of data theft, and to give your guests and visitors a great Internet service.

Our products make great financial sense: low cost products ensure that you get a fast return on investment.

Plug and play installation

Our products do not require a computer specialist to install them. With the easy to follow setup wizard, any person who runs a business already has the skills required.

10,000 access codes

Up to 10,000 access codes can be generated at one time. As access codes expire then new codes can be generated. Access codes have many features/limits such as duration, single/multi user per code, and download/upload speeds.

Free Wi-Fi or Charge for access

Credit card billing and reporting

Credit card billing can be configured for commercial Hotspots. A PayPal account is required and the account information must be entered during the configuration process. All payments go directly to your PayPal account.

Illegal downloads are blocked

Some guests and visitors have file sharing software installed in their computers. When the files are copyrighted (music MP3’s or videos) the sharing of files is illegal. File sharing can be identified by organizations like the RIAA who are then suing DSL customers. Our higher performance products block file sharing to prevent the Hotspot operator being at risk of DSL disconnection and lawsuits.

Very easy to use

Connect the product to your router or cable modem then connect a computer to the product. Just answer the questions that appear on the screen in the setup wizard:

Wi-Fi hotspot gateway setup wizard

The wizard checks your Internet connection then creates your custom login page and selects the correct features for your business.

You now have a Wi-Fi Hotspot to provide Internet for your guests.

Login page: use for advertising

Twelve different login pages are already installed in all our products.

In addition you can upload your own background photo or design a login page with advertising using HTML. Promote specials to increase sales, or provide a discount coupon to encourage return visits.
Read more about login pages

Speed control shares bandwidth

One of the problems with Wi-Fi Hotspots is that some guests abuse the service by downloading very large files. This slows Internet access for all the other guests, and also for the business computers if one DSL or cable connection is used for all services. Our speed control ensures that each guest gets a fair share of the total bandwidth available and prevents anyone downloading a large file from slowing the Internet service for other guests.

Built-in Firewall

All our products have a firewall which prevents Wi-Fi Hotspot users accessing any computer that is connected to the same DSL or cable. The firewall prevents a hacked getting access to a Point of Sale (PoS) terminal to prevent the theft of credit card information. All our products comply with the credit card industry PCI DSS requirements.

Web sites can be blocked

Our products have a feature called content filtering. This blocks access to pornographic and similar websites, ensuring that web surfing is family friendly. In addition to serving as a parental control content filtering prevents anyone viewing unpleasant website in public places. Content filtering ensures that you will not get any complaints from guests who have been offended by the Wi-Fi Hotspot service.