Credit Card / PayPal™

The credit card billing feature allows you to sell Internet access by charging your customers credit card.

The feature requires you to have a valid business account with PayPal™, a personal account cannot be used to charge credit cards.
Your customers do not need to have a PayPal™ account, they can pay with credit card.

Before continuing with the billing setup you need to configure the Email Setup.

In order to comply with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) directives, GIS products do not store any part of the credit card information provided by the user.

A log is maintained that has a transaction ID. If you need additional information it is necessary to log into your PayPal™ business account and use the transaction ID to obtain additional information about the transaction.

Guest Internet Solutions does not make any additional charge for credit card processing.

The GIS gateway functions identically to a Point of Sale (PoS) terminal. Credit card charges are the sole responsibility of the hotspot operator, who is referred to as the ‘merchant’ in all transactions.

Currently this feature is available in all of our product models, except GIS-R2.

PayPal™ Setup

Step 1:

Creating an API signature with your PayPal Business account:

  1. Log in to PayPal, then click Profile under My Account.
  2. Click My selling tools.
  3. Click API Access.
  4. Click Request API Credentials.
  5. Check Request API signature and click Agree and Submit.

A hotspot owner name and email address must be configured for PayPal credit card billing to work.
The email must be configured and tested via the Email setup page before the PayPal™ credit card processing is configured.

Step 2:

When the PayPay™ business account has been authorized then it is necessary to obtain three account parameters to copy to the boxes shown previously.

  • PayPal™ API Username
  • PayPal™ API Password
  • PayPal™ API Signature

Step 3:

Enter up to ten time/cost parameters using the drop down menu. These are the Internet access packages that will be offered to users.

The code usage option allows you to select how many users or devices are permitted to use the code.

The boxes below the payment settings are the messages shown on the users computer screen to indicate success or failure of the purchase.

Two message boxes at the bottom of the page show the format of the messages sent to the hotspot user and to you. Take care if changing these messages.

There is a final check box called ‘receive error emails’.

When a transaction does not complete then it is not necessary to receive a message about this in most cases. However you might wish to be notified when an error condition occurs, for example if the credit card is declined. The purchaser will also receive an email notification.

A complete transaction record is provided by the PayPal™ business account, and the information can be downloaded and imported into popular accounting programs.
The GIS gateway also stores a report summary in the section Billing Reports.